Camp Charwood
Camp Charwood was the Charleroi Girl Scouts' day camp at Eldora Park. The Charleroi Girl Scouts also had an overnight camp at Laurel Hill State park. Click here for photos of Camp Scoutawanda at Laural Hill.
All photos on this page were contributed by Pat Sanders Murphy


Swings and see-saws in the open field near the entrance to the camp and the flag pole. Girl on the see-saw in the white dress with the red sash is Elaine Hager.Wilda Sanders, second from left, her daughter, Patty Sanders and Elaine Hager.


Roof of the Dance Hall is visible in the background.


In the back row, near the center is Wilda Sanders, to the right (with sun glasses) is Mary Rockwell. The boy on the right is yours truly.


Front row - Wilda Sanders and Mary Rockwell.

Building in background is what remained of the Eldora Park dining hall.


On the left, Wilda Sanders, and on the far right, Patty Sanders.


Woman on the right holding the "Robin Hoods" sign is Mary Rockwell. Second row (kneeling) - girl on the far-right with the straw hat is Terri Saunders. Third row (standing) - second girl from left is Holly Manon.


Helen Bruce, the "Nature Lady."


From left to right - Patty Sanders and Mary Rockwell sitting on a tent platform. Girl with the straw hat leaning on the platform is Jill Barthel. Woman standing is Helen Bruce, the "Nature Lady."

The tent platforms were used for overnight camping by an earlier generation of campers.


Another shot of the tent platforms at one of the camp sites


Group shot of campers. Date unknown. Unknown building in the background.Early group shot of campers.


Patty Sanders raising the flag, Wilda Sanders and Mary Rockwell giving the Girl Scout salute.Patty Sanders raising the flag, Wilda Sanders and Mary Rockwell giving the Girl Scout salute.


CC Ranch. Wilda Sanders on the left. Girl in front on the left holding the gun is Ruth Rockwell. Girls kneeling on the right are Marsha Posner (red hat) and Jill Barthel (straw hat). Standing behind Marsha in the yellow shirt is Charmel Gysegem. The woman to the right in the stripes is Blanche Davis. Laverne Barthel (red scarf) is standing in the back to the right of the tree.


Group of Scouts displaying their paper plate art work.


In front of the remnants of the dining hall.
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